NABI GALLERY, 137 West 25th Street, New York, N.Y. 10001

Kathy Buist, Nick Savides, New York Stories

Cityscapes by Kathy Buist and Nick Savides are on view through December 10 in New York Stories.

Both artists are longtime New Yorkers whose work has been widely exhibited in the city and elsewhere. Ms. Buist has participated in five previous shows at the Nabi, both at its new Chelsea space and at its previous location in Sag Harbor, L.I. Her recent work, however, marks a departure into a new, more fluid and romantic style. Mr. Savides is showing here for the first time.

While sharing the city as their home, inspiration, and theme, the two artists take very different approaches. For Kathy Buist, nature is the overriding force. Her paintings deal with the flow of light, wind, and water. The sky dominates, even in an urban setting, where the buildings lined at the lower edge of the frame, tinged by evening light, seem indistinct and fragile in comparison, almost doomed.

Kathy Buist, Red Sky above the River, oil on canvas, 36x60, 2005

Nick Savides, in contrast, seeks out the character and mood of a particular space. There is little of sky in his urban scenes, except as a vertical line of blue-gray between office towers. Instead, the particular quality of light in them, whether outdoors or in, enhances their sense of drama and mystery.

The personalities in these New York stories may be recognizable buildings or, on a smaller scale, human figures glimpsed in moments of intimacy or loneliness. In one, an eerie yellow light suffuses a garage where a young woman in a blue dress walks barefoot toward a sign that commands “Stop Here.” In another, lovers embrace in a dark street that literally steams with their passion.

Nick Savides, Wall Street, oil on canvas, 48x60, 2005


Nick Savides, Steam, 44x48, 1989

New York Stories is the first of three consecutive shows on New York themes. City of Dreams, with paintings by Simon Gaon and Dae-Woong Nam, opens December 15, and City Lights, featuring Anna Rochegova and Lewis Zacks, on February 2. The Nabi Gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 to 6.

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