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Cyril David

Simon Gaon

David Geiser  

Links to exhibits:

Nocturnes: Paintings by David Geiser, Simon Gaon,
Han Hong Park, Daewoong Nam, Albert Fayngold, and Giglio Dante
: 58 works by 11 artists
Nick Savides, New York/Paris
Water and Sky: Paintings by Ralph Carpentier, Anne Seelbach, and Susan Sugar
AHL Awards Show

Kathy Buist and Simon Gaon, Darkness and Light
Elsie Taliaferro Hill: Pangaea
Simon Gaon: Landscapes and Portraits
Choate Rosemary Hall Student Show
N.H. Stubbing (1921-83): Paintings and Sketches
Art For Obama
Kathy Buist,  Luminous Landscapes
Albert Fayngold and Elsie Taliaferro Hill, New York Reveries
Various gallery artists, Miniatures
James Britton (1878-1936), Landscapes and Portraits
(to view Britton web gallery click here)
Ingeborg ten Haeff, Daewoong Nam, Roisin Bateman, Drawing on the Invisible
Elsie T. Hill, Younghee Choi Martin, Kevin Kincaid,  From the Dreaming World
Kathy Buist, Robert Pillsbury, and Nick Savides, In Praise of Summer
Daewoong Nam and Phyllis Kriegel, Paradise Refigured
Hosook Kang and Susan Sugar, Lightness of Being
Cyril David, Rae Ferren, David Lowe, Alex Russo, Megan Williamson, Secret Gardens
James Britton, Landscapes and Portraits
Anna Rochegova and Lewis Zacks, City Lights
Daewoong Nam and Simon Gaon, City of Dreams
Kathy Buist and Nick Savides, New York Stories
N.H. Stubbing, Spirits of Place
Ralph Carpentier, Between Memory and Dream
Simon Gaon and Susan Sugar, Sea and Sky
Chong Gon Byun, John Philip Capello, Giglio Dante, and Will Ryan
Nohra Barros, Giglio Dante, and Daewoong Nam
Younghee Choi Martin
James Britton and Kathy Buist
Ingeborg ten Haeff: Inner Realms
Li-lan: Labyrinths
N.H. Stubbing, Swimming in Light