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Ho-Sook Kang in Lightness of Being

Moments #6, acrylic on canvas, 48x63, 2005

Artist’s Statement

I always contemplate empathy with nature when I paint. My art can be seen as a movement in silent nature. Nature is always moving and changing, nevertheless being in a still state. Walking in the mountains, walking in the woods, I feel winds blowing ceaselessly and feel stillness between them, also ceaseless movement in the silence. I’d like to portray the wind and the air - even more, all human life, material, and being itself - as a abstract work including time and space.

As a drop of water comes to the sea, dust falls on the mountains, human beings also in the end exist as tiny specks of dust in nature. Accordingly, I describe the endlessly changeable and circular condition of nature by using dots in a general abstract pattern. While intuitively overlapping and repeating innumerable dots beginning with one dot, the painting spontaneously comes into a natural form with various movements and transformations that seem to be making themselves.

Describing infinitely extended space with a close-up image, the work has an energy that is a delicate relation between dot and dot, with interconnected relations as a matrix.  I imagine a painting as various images, like wind blowing in the woods, moving water, flowing clouds, and so forth. I enjoy this thinking and feel boundless freedom in the process of creation.

Moments #11, acrylic on canvas, 48x48, 2005

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