New York Reveries
In Paint and Sound

          Oil paintings by Albert Fayngold and watercolors by Elsie Taliaferro Hill were display in the spring of 2008. Titled New York Reveries, the show presents dreamlike and mysterious visions inspired by the New York cityscape.  
          In the lyrical images of Albert Fayngold, familiar scenes are rendered in misty, twilit tones that give them a romantic and faraway quality.  Their soft washes of paint, fit into a tight vertical composition, create a startlingly different sense of a city that is New York but could almost be Prague—or Kiev, where the artist was born and raised. 

Uptown #2, Fall, oil on canvas, 48x22, 2006

          In addition to his career as an artist, Fayngold is a critic, and a teacher of comparative literature at Baruch and C.W. Post.  He divides his time between New York and Kiev and has had numerous exhibits at galleries and museums in both cities.

          Elsie Taliaferro Hill, in contrast, grew up among the tidal creeks, marshes, and barrier islands of Georgia’s Low Country, and a distinct riverine sensibility came along when she moved to the island of Manhattan.  So did the memories of pelicans that are a signature image in many of her paintings.

City Birds, acrylic and oil on canvas, 32x56, 2008

        These insouciant birds, along with colorful tugs and shrimp boats, gliding and bobbing amid huge churning waves, were last seen in 2007 in a Nabi show titled From the Dreaming WorldThe artist previously exhibited in the MFA Thesis Exhibition at the Columbia School of the Arts, from which she graduated in 2006, and at various other art spaces in New York and in her home town of Savannah, Georgia, where she had a thriving career as a portrait painter. 

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