NABI GALLERY, 137 West 25th Street, New York, N.Y. 10001

Evocations (May, 2001)

           The Nabi Gallery’s sixth season opened on April 28, 2001, with Evocations.  The landscapes in the show evoke the spirit of places ranging from Key West to Montana to the Hudson Valley to East Hampton, and the artists are Valta Us, Susan Sugar, Marie Warach, Johan Gilbert, and Roisin Bateman.

Valta Us, Ode to Friedrich, oil on panel, 12x30, 2001

            Valta Us is an Austrian-born painter who lives in Sag Harbor but spends part of each year in Montana.  His sketches of western spaces and skies lead to finished oils that are a blend of realism and imagination, reminiscent of the German Romantic style.

Valta Us, Turning of the Leaf, oil on canvas, 30x40, 2001

            Susan Sugar, a former dancer turned painter, divides her time between New York City and Key West, Fla., and her work romantically evokes the spirit of sea and sky at the solitude of land’s end. 

Susan Sugar, Diptych, August 7, 1998, a.m., watercolor, 4x12

            Marie Warach began her career as an abstract expressionist but took up landscape painting after moving to East Hampton.  Her art, she says, “embraces the expression of inner forces as well as the transporting beauty of nature.” 

Marie Warach, Rugosas and Beach Grass, oil on canvas, 20x24

            Johan Gilbert, a painter of small, exquisite landscapes and river scenes, lives in Red Hook, N.Y., and is Mrs. Warach’s grandson. 

Johan Gilbert, Fields of Mist, oil on board, 5x7

            Rosin Bateman, a Sag Harbor resident, is the most purely abstract of the five, although the effect of the East End’s scenery and light can be discerned in the warm, rich strokes of her canvases.  Her work was included in a Nabi exhibit last year; the other painters are showing for the first time at the Sag Harbor art space.

Roisin Bateman, Turning, oil on canvas, 14x11, 2001


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