NABI GALLERY, 137 West 25th Street, New York, N.Y. 10001

Paintings by N.H. Stubbing
(from 10/2000 exhibit)

Beacon Hill, Flint & New Spring Wheat, oil on board, 7x7, 1982


Indian Wells, oil on canvas, 34x36, 1982


Untitled, oil on canvas, 18x18, 1975


Shelter Island Afternoon, oil on canvas, 43x48, 1978



          The personal side of my work may be found around you, in stones, wood carvings, found objects.  All these are aids to understanding our surroundings . . . thought processes which lead the artist into the sacred territory of this world.

          No sooner has a stone of interest been gathered off the beach than it has become, through thought, the corner-stone of a temple in the mind.  It has become a symbol.  We must treasure these symbols as daily reminders of who and where we are.

          Painting is of such stuff, progressing through these treasured reminders.  The painter explores “out there.”  He searches and observes and gathers his sounds and colours and records them on wood or canvas or pulp.  These encourage and activate his mind; they add consciousness and truth to his existence on earth.

          They are the building blocks through which the earth is exalted and reveals her secrets to those who have the patience and wit to search for them.

                        —Text inscribed by N.H. Stubbing in a box construction he made in 1978





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